November - the 9th month of the year

Isn't November the 11th month of the year? Today it is, but it wasn't always like that. The Roman calendar used to start counting from the month of March, and then November was the ninth month. His name still tells us that today. This is derived from the Latin word novem, which means nine.

Consequently, December is the tenth month and is named after the Latin word for ten – decem. And, you've probably guessed it, octo is the Latin word for the number eight and gives its name to October. Septem means seven, which brings us to September.

Does the series of numbers continue like this? No! The term August is derived from the Latin word augustus, but this does not designate a number, but means exalted or venerable. Augustus was the regnal name of the first Roman Emperor Octavian. This Emperor Augustus was a great-nephew of Julius Caesar, after whom the month of July is named.

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