Professional translations for the banking industry

Textbüro Reul translates challenging financial texts reliably, quickly and to the highest professional standard. Our customers include German and international banks, financial services providers, securities firms, funds, finance and banking publications as well as corporate treasuries. Of course, we also translate annual reports and other financial documents for small and large companies in different sectors and for law firms and consultancies.

We regularly translate stock and analyst reports, prospectuses, lending, syndicate and M&A agreements and documents in the fields of banking IT, Basel II/III, IAS, IFRS, stock exchange information systems, the financial press, financial maths, risk management – more or less covering all matters relevant to the banking and financial sector.

We have also translated user manuals for trading, accounting, clearing and settlement platforms for major banks.

In addition, we regularly translate texts in the fields of corporate communications, investor communications, CI and sponsoring/culture management for banks and their foundations, agencies etc.

Textbüro Reul offers you an excellent service: absolute adherence to deadlines, dedicated personal contacts, efficient order management – and absolute discretion, of course. Our specialised translators master the themes and ‘jargon’ of the different segments of the banking and financial industry.

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