Translators for art, literature and music – artistic translations with finesse

For Textbüro Reul, no text can be too dry, technical or opaque. We have a genuine passion for the silent beauty of the language of law, for example. Still – and that is no contradiction – we are also experts for what is more generally considered beautiful: art, literature and music.

Our team includes a number of literary translators: German-English, English-German, an award-winning Italian-German one and one for Hebrew-German; several German and English writers, a jazz musician and in all our language pairs graduates in art, literature, drama, film and music. Our customers include museums and galleries, publishers and magazines. We translate:

  • Reviews / articles from and for specialist journals and consumer magazines
  • Publisher catalogues
  • Exhibit inscriptions for museums
  • Exhibition catalogues
  • CD booklets
  • Web pages / advertising and PR texts

For musicians and artists in general also legal questions are of relevance.
With 25 years of experience in translating contracts and legal texts, Textbüro Reul is your competent partner for translations in the fields of music law, media law, copyright and contracts.

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