Translations for the travel industry

Describing a travel destination, hotel, airline or cruise holiday succinctly and so that readers start dreaming is an art in a class of its own.

And tourism is a global industry which needs to sell its offers in many languages and make its documents available to employees and partners around the world.

Textbüro Reul has translated and adapted texts of this kind for prestigious companies in the tourism sector for many years. We provide tourism translations of every kind – from brochures and press releases to the end consumer and customer websites of airlines, tour operators and travel destinations.

Our experienced tourism translators are familiar with the industry jargon and abbreviations, so that we can also deliver excellent translations of your documents for employees, suppliers, partners and travel agencies.

We translate:

  • Press releases
  • Advertising texts, brochures, claims, ads and spots
  • Websites for airlines, tour operators, hotels and travel destinations
  • Contracts
  • Product and service specifications

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