Professional legal translations

Textbüro Reul delivers excellent translations in the field of public and private law, law of practice and patent law. Law firms and patent attorneys were our first clients back in 1990. Today, we provide a wide range of legal and corporate clients with legal translations of many kinds. Our translators include qualified German, American and British lawyers. And in the patent field, our translators specialised in different fields of technology are also available. We translate the following types of documents quickly, reliably, in high technical and stylistic quality, and – where necessary – with legal certification:


  • Investment, loan, purchase, delivery, company, cooperation, syndication, service, employment, tenancy, lease and insurance contracts
  • Contract documents for complex transactions, e.g. regarding securities transactions, real estate, M&A, lend-lease
  • Trade register and land register documents and deeds
  • Notarised deeds of every kind

Patents, copyrights, trademarks and registered designs:

Patent publications and applications, office actions and briefs as well as the corresponding documents for trademark, copyright and registered design matters.

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